Dr.  Bryant is a pro-active community activist. She volunteers her time providing community care, inspirational speeches, lectures, mentoring, and resources to youth state facilities and at risk youth programs. In 2014, Dr. Bryant founded the “Dr. Bryant Team” which created and provided employment opputunities. The “Dr. Bryant Team” focused on providing food, hygiene, clothing, programs, and resources to the disadvantaged communities in Los Angeles County all of which Dr. Bryant solely funded. As a result of her impact on the community, Dr. Bryant founded Advancing Communties; a non-profit that provides school supplies, clothing, computers, and exposure to the underprivileged, and implements needs and resolutions to the community to advance the inner-city youth, and families.

Dr. Bryant

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Dr. Bryant Continues in Community Outreach thru  her Non-Profit  Organization Advancing Communities 



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Advancing Communities is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to provide resources to youth, families, and communities in need. Advancing Communities was founded in 2016, by Dr. Cheyenne Bryant. Organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to assist the disadvantage with living a better quality of life by providing programs, clothing, food, school supplies, computers, education, life tools, and exposure to career opportunities. Donate today

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"You have an opportunity to bless a family thru  Advancing Communities."

This month's Elect Cover is Dr. Cheyenne Bryant. She has been diligent with her work not only as a life coach but also as brand ambassador for Shake It Baby, author of Mental Detox and active member of the NAACP. She continues to help those in need of recovery from setbacks such as divorce, sexual and substance abuse, trauma and depression to name a few. If you interested in beginning a new journey or improving your health whether mentally or physically you can sign up directly on her site. Visit www.drbryant.co to schedule your session and be one step closer to the better you. 

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The "Speak Life Tour" is the brainchild of NB Youth Academy. In 2013 NB Youth Academy, hosted 5 "Open Mic Youth Mixers" in Baltimore MD to engage today's youth, and young adult in an atmosphere where sharing their musical,  poetic and visual artistry to an audience of people provides them a voice of advocacy against social injustices. In this present day, its clear to see the monstrosities that effect our everyday urban cities in all forms of social injustices. It's within this core that  "The Speak Life Tour" derived its name for the youth and young adults are speaking through  their music "life" which is the center fusion and power behind the platform.

 Through the "Speak Life Tour" we give a voice to disenfranchised youth state wide and re-open their mind to hope and connect them to viable resources to live a productive life. SLT provides wrap around services such as “Youth Focus Groups” (Speak on the Unspoken, Behavior Talks, Finding Your Voice and a “Creative Arts” summer program. The tour has inspired youth in the community to become leaders and take the message into several states. 
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