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Season 2 June 14

Ladies get your wine, Fellas Light You One....the premiere of HBO Insecure  Season 3 issa series you can't miss. Guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat for the next episode.

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This month's Elect Cover select is Mya. Known as a songwriter, recording artist actress and to many surprises a vegan. Yes, Mya has not only given us classic R&B/Hip-Hop records  featuring artists such as Silk the Shocker, Pras, Sisqo and Jadakiss to name a few but has introduced her 14 Day Alkaline Vegan, Raw Vegan and Juicing Challenge in effort to bring awareness of the benefits from a vegan diet. As if still looking 20 isn't convincing enough. June is Mental Health Awareness Month and as an advocate I've been doing research and have taken my steps towards a vegan diet due to one of the key elements in battling mental health, healthy nutrition. Along with her Vegan Challenge you know Mya has recently released another album, TKO. I take it as a monologue of the stage set for the battle of love. The scene one-sided who is not willing to give up and stick it out while also empowering one to love themselves. The tracks go thru each scene building up to the climax of my favorite track "If Tomorrow Never Comes" which the same one admits they are not going to give up but will see it til the end. The battle is won by the knockout of Love. Be sure to get your copy by the way. 

I am partaking in the vegan diet to eventually have only fruits and vegetables as my intake as sugars, fats and by products found in common foods are not good for myself in the long run. Below are some facts and further guides to help you take your steps towards a healthier you. 

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Beyonce has made a tremendous contribution to the vegan community with her release of her "22 Days Nutrition Meal Planner.Yes!, Bey has gone green. You Beyhave and follow!

 Those who know me personally will say Ken (Dino) you have an old soul mainly because I'm more acquainted with the era of 50's-80's. As I began the station and start engaging on social media I came across a phrase that boomed across every platform, "Issa" and all I thought of was that's the ebonics of "Its ah".

Little did I know and certainly glad to have found that Issa Rae is the inspiration behind it. Just from binge watching HBO Insecure ( Season 3 Premieres this August) I was blown away from the production. Some might say issa chick series but I find it to suiting for all sexes. Issa is very funny to me as I'm known to have a awkward sense of humor but I give it to her due to the fact she doesn't try hard to make one laugh you know. Her facial expressions and the cleverly devised duet with Yvonne Oriji throughout scenes gives you the most relatable scenarios topped off with  a punch line and a trademark facial expression that send you giggling.The kicker, Issa is the producer, writer and actress as well towards the production!!! With the long-over due rights for women to have their own voices, speak their own truths and be respected as equal, Issa has set a standard for many women of color to be inspired and encouraged to bring their art forms to the big screens. I have added a clip of "Inside Issa Rae Productions". Check it out, visit her official site Here and tune for Season 3 of HBO Insecure. 

With all that said, along with her resume stemming from Awkward Black Girl with a promising future of further contributions for the voices of black women in art I announce the Nigisti (Queen of an Empire) for June, Issa Rae.  

Nicki Minaj is hilarious, but she is seriously dropping the album of her title to the female rap game. The original date was June 15th but as suspenseful her Minajesty is the date has been pushed back to August 1oth  increasing the need of all Minaj feens waiting for Queen since the recent release of Barbie Tingz, Chun-Li, Big Bank and Poke it Out. Hey, in the meantime you are more than welcomed to have a sip of MyxFusions...hey!! You better be over 21 and if so.....in the words of Nicki Minaj "Drink Dharling Drink Up (-Brittish Nicki).

Marlon on NBC returns for season 2 June 14th. If you need to catch up on all episodes good news! The complete first season of the family-oriented half-hour comedy series is coming to Netflix. 

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